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Sandy Fergie Memorial Award -
Jennifer Baldwin presented by Scott Cressman to present on behalf of
Precision Groundworks (Carl, Corinna & Marg Fergie) and KBM Flooring (Mike Kulyk)

Horse of the Year "Shooter" Award  -"Beaux" owner Sierra Inglis presented by Devin Antony on behalf of  Ron Scott in honour of an amazing horse and penning partner Mia be Genuine

Marlene Poole Most Improved Rider Buckle  - Sherry- Linne Gray presented and sponsored by Jesse O'Brien

Most Improved Youth Rider - Annabell Beames presented by Kurt Robson and Debbie Thompson presenting Winter Blanket sponsored by K&K

Team w/ Fastest Time - Sky Hansen, Denice Hansen & Barb Kumlin with their smoking time of 23.34 seconds

Open Class High Point Rider - Scott Cressman

Open Class Reserve High Point rider - Chris Thompson

Open Class Winners - Chelsea Brown, Crissy Santangelo & Chris Thompson (missing) Ron Scott standing in

Open Class Reserve Champions - Scott Cressman, Devin Antony & Dusty Wigemyr (missing)

Open Class 3rd place - Debbie Thompson, Scott Cressman & Chris Thompson (missing)

Open Class 4th place - Philip Van Der Poel, Laura Antony & Larry Cressman

Open Class 5th place - Skylar Hansen, Philip Van Der Poel & Donna O'Reilly

Ltd Open High Point Rider - Leanne Cressman

Ltd Open Reserve High Point Rider - Sal Howell

Ltd Open Class Winners - Debbie Thompson, Laura Antony & Sal Howell

Ltd Open Reserve Champions - Ron Scott, Chelsea Brown & Suzie Emms

10 Class High Point Rider - Barb Kumlin

10 Class Reserve High Point Rider - Ray Antony and 1/3 of 10 Class 5th place team Kyle Dingreville

10 Class Winners- Victoria MacDonald, Laura Antony & Barb Kumlin

10 Class Reserve Champions - Hope Elkins, Dusti Henwood (missing) & Gord Robinson(missing)

10 Class 3rd Place - Cory Bond, Lindy Barron & Pia Sorenson

10 Class 4th Place - Kyle Dingreville, Sierra Inglis & Jesse O'Brien

10 Class 5th Place - Kyle Dingreville, Kelly MacKay (missing) & Ron Scott (missing)

7 Class High Point Rider - Donna Hillard presented by Greg Thompson

7 Class Reserve High Point Rider - Holly Farkes presented by Greg Thompson

7 Class Winners - Hope Elkins, Darlene Rae & Jessica Tyrell

7 Class Reserve Champions - Kent Hillard, Donna Hillard & Kyle Dingreville

7 Class 3rd Place - Kyle Dingreville, Serenity Enders & Ev Prestie presented by Greg Thompson

7 Class 4th Place - Victor Boardman, Sandra Frampton & Mason Cockx

7 Class 5th Place - Donna Hillard, Mason Cockx (missing) & Carther Rice (missing) presented by Greg Thompson

5 Class High Point Rider - Kent Hillard

5 Class Reserve High Point Rider - Cliff Hooker

5 Class Winners - Denise Peters, Ev Prestie & Denise Guzowski (missing) presented by Darryl Bruce

5 Class Reserve Champions - Denise Peters, Donna Hillard & Kent Hillard presented by Darryl Bruce and Ev Prestie

5 Class 3rd Place - Kent Hillard, Donna Hillard & Denise Guzowski presented by Darryl Bruce and Ev Prestie

5 Class 4th Place - Kent Hillard, Sandra Frampton & Bruce Paterson

5 Class 5th Place - Ev Prestie, Denise Peters & Aislinn Walker(missing) presented by Randy Bruce

Senior Youth High Point Rider - Kaleigh McCallum presented by Kurt Robson

Senior Youth Reserve High Point Rider - Karley Patton

Junior Youth High Point Rider - Helen Tyrell presented by Kurt Robson

Junior Youth Reserve High Point Rider - Serenity Enders presented by Kurt Robson