Sandy Fergie Memorial Award

The award, a bronze sculpture and silver Olson Buckle, originally sponsored by KBM Commercial Floor Covering Inc, and now co-sponsored with Carl Fergie of Precision Groundworks, is presented annually at the Chinook Team Penning Association Awards night. The winner is selected from nominations received from the membership. Nominees exemplify traits and values that we all cherished about Sandy Fergie such as:  Positive Attitude, Sense of Humour, Friendly Nature, Willingness to help out at any penning, Makes a contribution to the Chinook Association.

A panel consisting of Marg Fergie, a CTPA Director and the previous winner decides the recipient. Nominations can be given to any CTPA Director or placed in the Nomination Box. Previous winners of the award are also eligible.

2017 - Rene O'Rourke

2015 Holly Farkes 2016  Drew Parker  
2012 Pete Fraser 2013 Carlene Giesler 2014 Christine Sowiak & Deb Myslicki
2009 Donna O'Reilly 2010 Don Poole 2011 Ray Antony
2008 - Ken Crawford 2007 - Lillian Dalton 2006 - Ron Vogel
2005 - Lynn Beattie 2004 - Cam Clark 2003 - Don Wilson
2002 - Anne Thompson 2001 - Denise Guzowski 2000 - Rick Dalton
1999 - Debbie Thompson 1998 - Bill Fraser 1997 - Sandy Fergie