Welcome to Chinook Team Penning.

Team Cattle Penning is a family orientated sport.

The object of the sport is for three team members on horses to collect three head of cattle with the same numbers on them from a herd of thirty cattle which are at one end of the arena. The team then attempts to put these three head of cattle into a small pen at the other end of the arena. All this is to be done in 90 seconds or less. Preferably less.

Our season starts in March with the Regional finals in September.

CTCPA National finals are in October.

Interested in joining Chinook Team Penning visit our members page for more information.

If you are interested in learning how to Judge or Flag at a Sanctioned Show in 2018, please visit CTCPA website.

For all comments or inquiries please email us at chinookteampenning@gmail.com


To the Pen Newsletter - # 8 edition July 21, 2018

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Upcoming Show: March 23, 2019 @ Okotoks Ag Society

Sponsored rides- When paying for someone else's rides please provide a written list to the show office which includes the name of the rider and the class for the sponsored rider. If this list is not provided then each rider will be responsible for full payment of their entry fees.

Payment of Entry fees- entry fees should be paid in advance of riding. Any NSF cheques must be remedied immediately. Any rider who issues an NSF cheque a second time will be on a "cash only" basis. Entry fees must be paid in Canadian dollars.

Previous years financial records are available upon request, email chinookteampenning@gmail.com