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Welcome to Chinook Team Penning.

Team Cattle Penning is a family orientated sport.

The object of the sport is for three team members on horses to collect three head of cattle with the same numbers on them from a herd of thirty cattle which are at one end of the arena. The team then attempts to put these three head of cattle into a small pen at the other end of the arena. All this is to be done in 90 seconds or less. Preferably less.

Our season starts in March with the Regional finals in September.

CTCPA National finals are in October.

Interested in joining Chinook Team Penning visit our members page for more information.

If you are interested in learning how to Judge or Flag at a Sanctioned Show in 2016, please review the 2016 Process and complete the Exam.

For all comments or inquiries please email us at info@chinookpenning.com


To the Pen Newsletter - Sept 10 & 11  Edition

Upcoming Show:  2017 TBA


2016 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Thursday October 27, 2016 @ 7pm Okotoks Ford Agriplex Lobby

There are some important items that will be discussed and voted on at this AGM, please review the Agenda and the new Bylaws and be prepared to vote on these items or provide your signed Proxy  to a member/board member who will be attending the AGM so that they may "vote on your behalf".

Forms for the AGM:   Proxy 
(revised) Election of Directors, Polices & Procedures and Bylaws

Previous years financial records are available upon request, email info@chinookpenning.com